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How to go natural?

I was asking this question to my gynea on last Saturday. Didn’t expect she was a bit agitated …:P. She said base on her experience, those who really want to go natural and yet end up with caesarean. She has no idea what is the cause behind, maybe the mother is too tense to try to make it naturally. In fact, I just want to ensure Dr Kim Wong will give me enough time to try before she cut my belly…:P, I am fine with caesarean..:P

I start to feel a bit anxious when the time is nearer. 1st I really have no idea how painful it will be ..and how the pushing processes I have to go through. Albeit, there are some article mentioning “ways of breathing” will ease some of the pain. As everyone said, normally it will take 8~12 hours for the whole process from the 1st contraction. Well, my mum keep telling me its very natural…just like passing bowel. hahaha…when the time is right, it will pressure me to push it out.

Another 4~6 weeks to go, now I am 62.5kg …wish me good luck then.


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