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When will be my 1st contraction??

After my last visit 25/10/08, my baby already turn down and waiting for the time now. I am 64kg…unimaginable!!  I can feel the kicking is pretty strong but not so often nowaday, maybe she grow bigger is hard to move inside now…heehee.

Labor start to begin when uterus start to contract regularly.  Dr Kim Wong told me to admit hospital when the contraction start between an hour gap. I still wondering, how is the feeling of contraction??….I was dreaming on laboring 2 days ago, maybe its due to some numbness i felt on my belly when i stay in the same position for too long. :P. For the past 3 weeks, I used to go to gym every morning for 800m track walk for about 15mins.  I stop it now cos I start to feel fatigue easily during this last trimester, so i ensure i sleep 8hrs a day in order to keep myself energytic for the laboring.

A lady named BeYong, who work as receptionist for Dr Kim Wong. She is a very funny woman and always full of jokes. She told me that the feeling of laboring is having tough time moving bowel, we just have to use all our energy to push it out…hahaha. The most important note is “don’t be panic”, although the pain is far more painful than menstrual pain .. I still have doubts whether I can handle it well or not, but i will try my best.



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