In 7 months now..

This is my 5th times consulting Dr Kim Wong at her clinic at CenterPoint Bandar Utama.  Although I am in 7th months and my belly really looks bumpy ….but I still have some doubts for the whole process.  This round my question is how to ensure natural birth? Dr Kim Wong told us better to prepare for C-section, if I manage to go through it naturally, that is my BONUS! because with this kind of perception, emotionally I will feel better with anything happen.  I like her because she is very frank. hahaha…that’s why we still stick with her although our journey is about 45mins to her clinic.

She share with us some of her past experiences. She got a patient who insist natural birth on a specific date as well. This is really not easy. At last she have to go through C-Section at 2am early in the morning because the baby may suffocate if she keep it a bit longer. Dr Kim Wong was pretty mad at that moment, because the parent still insist of natural and willing to accept all the consequences. But at Dr stand point, she have to ensure both mother and baby are safe. So at last she convince them to go through C-Section. She said the mother was quite depressed cos the kid came out on the day of “ghost festival 14/07″…..dont be over superstitious…hahaha in fact as long as the baby is healthy that is the greatest gift from GOD.

:D….our baby got big nose, inherited from me…keekee.


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6th Month..

This is so funny…I start to feel some kicking inside although not very strong. You see the baby leg u will know…hahaha. Dr Kim Wong said maybe this is the future olympic soccer player.:). We cant really see the sex yet, it was well hiding. According to my cousin, if cannot see at this stage 90% is GIRL…:))

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5th Month

My belly start to look a bit bumpy. It was like a small volleyball hiding inside. Everybody who notice my belly will start to guess whether it will be girl or boy….hahaha. Nobody knows yet.

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Morning Sickness

Most of my friend told me that during the 1st trimester, life is quite miserable due to morning sickness. Thankfully I didnt encounter any bad sickness.  I was safely going through my 1st trimester without any vomiting or dizziness.

Our cousin sister was having very bad experience throughout her nine month pregnancy. Ever since she conceived her baby, she don’t have appetite to eat and she keep spitting until the time she go for C-section….even at night she have to put a dustbin next to her for spitting, she dont have good night sleep as well.

Thanks God, my baby very nice to me. I eat and rest as usual…except sometime I feel a bit gassy in my stomach.   My baby make me enjoy the pregnancy very much.

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I am in 3 months..

My last period was 05/02/08, I was so excited when I missed it.  But again, worries still tangling around me.  This time we waited till almost 3 mths then we go to consult our neighbourhood doctor. She did an ultrasound for us to confirm the fetus heart beating.  Hooray!!…we got it right this round 😀

Then we proceed to Dr Kim Wong to reconfirm it. We were so happy to got it right this round, but we decided not to share with anybody until they see my belly…hahaha.  This is the TOP secret. When we inform our parents. My mother in law was so excited but she quietly told us better to keep it secretly…hahaha. She simply make us laugh for the day. My mum was very excited for us too….she keep reminding me what to eat to keep myself fit enough to carry our baby…:P

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My Second try…

Its not easy to conquer the fears of my last experience.  But we decided to try it again! If its not going to work then we will thinkfor adoption. Kegan is a very open minded person, he told me that if we really love kids, we should love all the kids. Not necessary must genetically from us.  I feel so lucky to have him in my life, he never give me pressures on anything and we both believe in faith.

My mother in law was abit curious about baby plan but she dont dare because she afraid will give me indirect pressure. She is a very understanding person and always think for others. She is not those typical mother in law we used to hear from friends…fierce; superstitious; power; sensitive; not flexible.  My mother in law very much taking care of both of us, we can sense it through the vegetarian dishes she specially prepare for us most of the time.  In regardless of any trouble she faced, she simply not complaint any.

In such a warm and happy family…i conceived again….:)

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6 months rest.

During my last visit to Dr Kim Wong a week after D&C, sometime early August 2007. We have tons of question to her. What is the cause for the heartbeatless fetus? Any problem with our genetic match? When can we try for baby again?  we were really in doubt and we just dont want the same thing happen again although its physical painless to me.  Most importantly I am running out of time…:(

Dr Kim Wong advise that its all very natural and this is very common. she said about 2/3 of chances to get the chromosome match correctly. She also give us an example, when the fruit is not good it will drop before it goes ripe, so we are lucky its happen at a very early stage.  Nothing we can do with it!!!  About the genetic matching, she ask us to try another time if fail again then will have to go through the genetic test that will cost more than this stage it is not advisable.  After D&C, i should be earsier to conceive and most of her patient conceive again after one month mestruation cycle….but i decided to rest up to 6 months cos i m phobia of it.

One of my friend in her age of 38 was happily conceived a baby after her 7 years of marriage through a process call IUI cost about RM2000 plus. Unfortunately her HGC level start to drop in her 8 weeks and she start to suffer a miscarriage after that. She was pretty sad with her lost but i console her that at least she know she can conceive and she can give another try. She was having a bad experience with Subang Medical, she went through a very bad cramping and bleeding before D&C was carried out on her. She said she never feel such painful before….so she said she can imagine a little how painful during the actual laboring. When we share about our encounterment then only I realized how lucky I am to be able to escape all the pain.

People around us will start to tell us a lot of unrealistic reasons why we lost our child. She felt the pressure from her family too. One of my auntie told me to do more good deed then I will not suffer with this anymore, even some people said because I leak the new to the people around too early so the baby cannot take the pressure and go off. So next time better keep quiet and dont share the good news. These are all in our Chinese culture…hahaha…whether is logic or not its up to you to decide. 😀

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