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Saturday 02/11/2008 -first contraction

It was 6am, suddenly I felt a little crampy on my stomach.  Some brownish mucus discharge from the vagina. To ensure this is not a false alarm, so better i continue sleeping as advised by Dr.  I dont feel any cramp afterward so I decided to make a call to BeeYong from KimWong Clinic. I was thinking maybe it is the time, then i can proceed directly to Pantai Hospital and save a journey to Centre Point where KimWong clinic located.  BeeYong told me that normally the discharge from the vagina is pink if it is the time, so she advise us to go to see Dr to confirm again…..


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When will be my 1st contraction??

After my last visit 25/10/08, my baby already turn down and waiting for the time now. I am 64kg…unimaginable!!  I can feel the kicking is pretty strong but not so often nowaday, maybe she grow bigger is hard to move inside now…heehee.

Labor start to begin when uterus start to contract regularly.  Dr Kim Wong told me to admit hospital when the contraction start between an hour gap. I still wondering, how is the feeling of contraction??….I was dreaming on laboring 2 days ago, maybe its due to some numbness i felt on my belly when i stay in the same position for too long. :P. For the past 3 weeks, I used to go to gym every morning for 800m track walk for about 15mins.  I stop it now cos I start to feel fatigue easily during this last trimester, so i ensure i sleep 8hrs a day in order to keep myself energytic for the laboring.

A lady named BeYong, who work as receptionist for Dr Kim Wong. She is a very funny woman and always full of jokes. She told me that the feeling of laboring is having tough time moving bowel, we just have to use all our energy to push it out…hahaha. The most important note is “don’t be panic”, although the pain is far more painful than menstrual pain .. I still have doubts whether I can handle it well or not, but i will try my best.


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How to go natural?

I was asking this question to my gynea on last Saturday. Didn’t expect she was a bit agitated …:P. She said base on her experience, those who really want to go natural and yet end up with caesarean. She has no idea what is the cause behind, maybe the mother is too tense to try to make it naturally. In fact, I just want to ensure Dr Kim Wong will give me enough time to try before she cut my belly…:P, I am fine with caesarean..:P

I start to feel a bit anxious when the time is nearer. 1st I really have no idea how painful it will be ..and how the pushing processes I have to go through. Albeit, there are some article mentioning “ways of breathing” will ease some of the pain. As everyone said, normally it will take 8~12 hours for the whole process from the 1st contraction. Well, my mum keep telling me its very natural…just like passing bowel. hahaha…when the time is right, it will pressure me to push it out.

Another 4~6 weeks to go, now I am 62.5kg …wish me good luck then.

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New place to welcome our baby..

We have just shifted to our new place at Puchong, 12 floor, windy and surrounded by high class million dollars semiD hahaha. Hope our baby will enjoy this new environment. Nothing much in our home yet…no tv, no sofa, except the dining table or we take it as working table as well.

View from the balcony…

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8 months

Look at her, she seems like having sweet dream inside my belly. But her kicking is getting stronger this month. Running in and out from the toilet is more frequent lately. I start to feel the pressure at the bottom especially when i am walking…my hubby use to tease me the way i walk..hahaha…very “cartoon”!!

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House shifting – “any Bantang”

For the past 3 weeks, I was so busy with my work and our new condo which under renovation. During renovation period, I try not to visit the condo so often cos the place is really dusty and a lot of people said pregnant lady very “Bantang” on house renovation. My eldest brother was helping us for the renovation and he got a very good team, they are fast and steady. Whenever i visit the house, they will stop all the jobs and let me have a quick overlook for the whole renovation.

A neighbor came to visit us, telling us not to do any nailing, sewing on bed, wall hacking etc…she shared a lot of incident she heard from the old people and its really sound scary to us. Well, it might all due to genetic we guess….hahaha. Again, its all go by LUCK!!! Everyone said during the house shifting time, i shouldn’t be around to see the process. But what is the reason behind? no one have the answer….hahaha. so, We guess during shifting its quite messy, so afraid someone might knock my big belly…keekee. Anyway, we just avoid what we can. My sweet mother in law called up to remind me not to carry any heavy stuffs or over do with all the cleaning. But without my help on packing and unpacking, i guess my hubby will have to suffer a lot..hahaha. At the end of the day, both of us really feel the whole body aching….really no kidding. 😛

My friend told me during pregnancy cannot see people do painting cos this will affect the unborn baby skin appearance. Actually there is a logical reason cos painting exposes to a lot of chemical, particularly on lead based paint and solvent. You can check it out here .

Today, 13/09/2008 (lunar date 14/08/2008 eve of the mooncake festival) is the official day we move in to our new condo. Last night we have spend a night at Aseana Puteri, it is a very nice windy place. Really great thanks to my parent in law who invested this new sweet home for us. I am sure all of us will enjoy a lot staying there.

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Pregnancy Yoga

My gynea advised that the best exercise during pregnancy is “swimming”. I wish I can swim at least 3 times a week but the pool is not ready yet. hahaha. We will only shift in to our new condo on mid September and by then I am almost in 8 months. But here are some yoga exercise I use to helps!!

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